30 Lamb Liver suya Pack


Enjoy 30 sticks of Suya. Lamb Liver Suya  is a perfect meat snack delicacy most people appreciate the taste. The perfect food items for an event to impress your guests or with family. Indeed a special delicacy enjoyed by Africans and most Continental Europe. Also enjoyed as a meal accompaniment. Juicy yummy chunks of real natural freshly cooked liver marinated in various African spices which include groundnuts salt, Coriander, flaky chillies, paprika vegetable oil and other secret ingredients, cooked on skewers. Lamb Liver Suya is simply delicious, aromatic and goes down a treat with cold beer or a glass of wine. Certainly, a must try! Enjoy your suya with a cold beer, or a glass of wine or any fizzy drink. You have to try Suya form SuyaWorld.com, today to experience the real taste of Africa.

Eating Tips: Enjoy Suya with a beer, wine or any fizzy drinks or enjoy Suya with extra helpings of  fresh tomato chunks and sliced onions. Free postage included.


Suya is the ultimate West Africa Street snack or food accompaniment. Originated form Nigeria, Cameroon and spread into various parts of West Africa. The blend of spices and juiciness of  the grilled meat creates a unique depth of very tasty flavours.

Suya is a must have perfect healthy and tasty meat snack to enjoy with a drink any time, especially sharing with friends. It is perfect for any party or special occasion to impress your guests.

Thinly sliced chunks of meat on sticks are marinated overnight in a mix of African spices which includes coriander, chillies, peanut, salt and other secret spices. Our Suya is just sensational and a must try. Get your now. We deliver in all United Kingdom and Europe


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