Enjoying Suya

Suya is primarily eaten on its own, or with fresh tomato and onion slices. Also some like eating Suya with a meal or salad. Suya is a popular West Africa street snack and social food snack.  It is a delicious social meat snack, made from beef or chicken. Suya is very uniquely, tasty, spiced with a mix of flavours. If you have never tasted our Suya, then you must try some today, from SuyaWorld.com


Now you do not have to travel to Africa, to enjoy the real Suya. We deliver to your door or office, in the United Kingdom, and all EU countries. Our Suya is cooked fresh to order daily. We promise you, that once you have tasted our suya, you will be hooked! Suya is rich in protein and great for meat lovers seeking for something exotic and tasty to enjoy or to share with family, friends and impress your guests.  Suya can accompany, salads many dieting food plans as your meat substitute.  Suya World produces a variety of suya, including: chicken suya, beef suya,  and specialty delicacy suya. Come on today and taste something different from West Africa in the comfort of your own home or serve Suya at your next family or corporate event. 


Enjoy Suya with a cold beer, wine or any soft drinks. Seek your African adventure for your palate.

Suya Is Healthy

Suya is a healthier alternative to crisps or most unhealthy snacks. A good part of a healthy diet or family meals.

Delicious & Versatile

There is no taste like Suya. Our unique spices creates bursting flavours and perfect for home and special occasions.

All 100% Natural

We only use prime cuts of sirloin beef & chicken, marinated in spices. No artificial items or ingredients

Perfect for occasions

Impress your guests with a serving of suya skewers. Tasty and always adds a unique quality to any occasion.

Many Ways To Enjoy Suya

Beef suya with tomatoes and Onions

Home Delivery!

You can also order vegetables online and save your time, because we are here to deliver your order at doorstep.

Enjoy suya with beer as a TV snack time

Fresh Vegetables

Our team always have focus to serve you the best quality vegetables, so you become healthier.

Enjoy suya with a mocktail as a TV snack time

Best Offers & Sales

We provide special discounts to our regular customers and provide sales. So they get fresh food at low price.

Suya with rice meal

Stores Near You

Our organisation have lots of stores at different places, so every person get fresh veggies easily.

Enjoy suya with chips as a TV snack time

Veggie Basket

We also have ready to sell basket according to customer's choice with best quality vegetables.

Enjoy suya with wrap as a TV snack time

Green Leaves

We grow best vegetables without using any harmful chemicals, because for us customers health is important.

More Ways You Can Enjoy Suya

Buy Suya for Christmas and corporate events.

Order suya online. We deliver to homes & offices

More Ways You Can Enjoy Suya.

Perfect TV & Home Snack

Snack with Suya as a healthier option for TV relaxing time. Share with the whole family and your guests at your home

For ANY Family & Corporate Event

Suya is impressive and greatly appreciate at weddings, corporate events, Christmas, with home guests, party, christening, a launch and any type of special occasion

Ideal Travel Snack & Picnic

Suya is fantastic meat snack for a long drive or flight. Perfect for a picnic any time. It is satisfying, keeps well and delicious. Better healthier option than crisps.