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Welcome to our site, where you are guaranteed the tastiest West African Suya. Made from 100% real meat and only natural ingredients. My name is Evelyn. My friends and customers call me, Aunty Eve. My suya story began, in my homeland of Nigeria, where suya is a distinct delectable delicacy well known across the entire nation as the meat with the punching flavour. Suya is the best, delicious number one social food snack, everyone loves.

As work and family led me abroad, and around the world, I realized that other cuisines lacked something like suya, so I began to make my own, at home. Of course my family all love it, every time. Then came our relatives and friends, who after tasting suya in one of my get special occasions, loved my Suya. As I received glowing reviews from friends and relatives, I decided that my Suya is worth sharing with others who like myself miss the authentic Nigerian or West African Suya. Also for meat lovers and people who like to try something different and delicious. Asmy friends and relatives started ordering my suya for their home enjoyment and their special celebrations. Then the idea to get Suya to all Suya lovers and new Suya converts, began.

Suyaworld.com delivers in London, all United Kingdom, and EU countries, so you can enjoy authentic West African suya in the comfort of your own home or work place, wherever you are. We offer free delivery in the UK and standard low international rates for outside the UK.

You must try Suya from SuyaWorld.com today. We deliver everywhere. So, get along and enjoy the best food snack you ever tasted!

Our goal is to provide the best quality suya to our customers far and wide. We bring you a taste of Africa.

Our Aim: To Make Quality Suya

Every African in diaspora or any foreigner who has lived in Nigeria or certain West African countries, and crave for Suya, can simply order online at any time. Suya is unique, very tasty, and bursting with real flavours like nothing in any other continent. This is why I took my passion for cooking and for suya to bring the real authentic taste of Suya and a real taste of Africa to your door. A home comfort and a social food snack to share with friends. We focus on freshness, natural, local ingredients and of course our passion.

We only use the best quality sirloin steak or chicken, fresh from our local butchers, marinated in a mix of exotic African spices. We do not use any artificial flavourings or chemicals, whatsoever. It's all 100% natural meat. Our main aim is to provide our customers, the best quality Suya to our customers with convenience.

Ordering Suya online is easy. We deliver to all UK and EU countries. If you haven't tried our Suya before; you must do so today. YOUR TASTE BUDS WILL THANK YOU!

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We are passionate About suya

We have a team of kitchen staff who constantly work hard to serve you the best quality Suya