• Natural Products

    Our Suya is made from real meat. We use top quality sirloin steak or chicken breasts of the freshest quality. We also offer halal chicken; so there is suya for every meat eater to enjoy. Marinated in a natural aromatic spices to create unique flavours that will make your taste buds burst with excitement. We serve only, the best quality suya.

    We do home delivery & offices all over the UK, Europe and certain other countries around the world.
  • Rich In Protein

    Our suya is made from 100% fresh beef or chicken with no additives. What you get is real meat bursting with tasty flavours. Enjoy suya at home with a beer, a glass of wine/any drink. Suya is also a great meal accompaniment. You can enjoy Suya with family & friends any time.

    Suya is perfect for entertaining your guests at your home or your special event, such as: a party, friends night-in, Christmas, Christening, corporate events, weddings, a launch and the like
  • Versatile Meat Snacks

    Suya is ideal healthy snack to have anywhere and an impressive meat snack and food for any special event.

    We make the most delicious suya ever. Try yours today. If you have never eaten our Suya, your taste buds will thank you once you have tried suya from SuyaWorld.com Suya is protein rich and a good part of a healthy diet.

Healthy & Protein Rich

Suya is the best meat snack.Can also be a
great meal accompaniment

Marinated IN Natural Spices

Marinated in special
natural African spices

Delicious Cracking Snack

Our suya is freshly grilled
to order & great with slices of fresh tomatoes & onions

Our Aim: Deliver The Best Suya

Today you are not far from having an authentic Africa Suya at your doorstep anywhere in the United Kingdom, EU and some parts of the world. We bring delicious tasty suya from home to you. Be you Nigerian, Ghanaian, African or non African who loves meat and something really flavoursome, you will love suya from suyaworld.com Every person wants to eat fresh and stay healthy that's a good reason to enjoy this meat snack- suya which is rich in protein and minerals, rather than any unhealthy type of snacks.

All our prep and ingredients are natural, and full of flavours. No additives and no artificial flavourings are used. Our main aim is to provide best quality suya to our customers in London, the whole of the U.K. and the EU with free delivery for the UK.

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Suya spice from suyaworld
Traditional Nigerian Suya deliverd in the UK and all EU countries

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We serve our customers with the freshest and tastiest succulent Suya bursting with flavours and consistently offering quality.


Thank you so much! It is my first time taste Suya. It was a tasty and healthy satisfying snack that I ever tasted. Such a great experience with a fantastic flavour, taste & quality.

Eugene Becker

Suyawordl customer

I have been ordering Suya from SuyaWorld.com for long time. I often keep a stack for my TV time snack and recently bought their catering pack for my friends and I to enjoy. Everyone love it! Now even my friends are always excited to order suya. The suya always arrives freshly cooked and keeps well chilled for days, too.

Alena Kose

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